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Leverless Tire Changer

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Rotary’s premium leverless tire changer provides your shop with a safer, more efficient tire-changing process—all while protecting your customers’ wheels from damage. The R1150 requires no tire tool. There’s no metal-to-metal contact. And it’s designed to handle the most challenging tire and wheel combinations on the market.

  • Patented leverless system
  • Quick-locking device with centering cone Locking system is suitable for reverse rims
  • 220v variable-speed inverter motor



    • No-lever action, hub mounting changer requires no tire tools and no metal to metal contact.
    • Simple to operate, simple to maintain using 2 button EASY CONTROLS. Powerful changer uses a 220v inverter motor, so torque is always available when needed.
    • Quick locking wheel centering adapter.
    • Locking system suitable for reverse rims.
    • Full range of bead clamps and adapters.
    • Patented Auto-Touch Function: Service the most challenging tire and wheel combinations - low profiles, runflats, exotic rims and other specialty jobs.
    • Includes mounting paste and brush.
    • Equipped with: standard inflater / side bead blaster, pneumatic wheel lift, double cone, reverse protection and tire paste lubricant and brush.



    Tire diameter 45 inch
    Tire width 15 inch
    Motor output 1.5 kW
    Weight approx. 963 lbs
    Color Red
    Power supply 220 / 60 / 20 V/Hz/A
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 54 x 46 x 79 inch



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